Aim High

Meeting of demand commanded by the customers is our fundamental aim.

True Professionals

The perfect satisfaction of the customer is our professional accomplishment.

Core Values

Our service wish is to provide an efficient, reliable and trustworthy service.


While providing basic safety and security forms the thrust of our core services, we also offer inter aria several specialist services. A specially selected team of our workforce is fully competent to handle firearms and weapons. Fire protection, First Aid and internal investigation coupled with Detective Assignments are other services. In addition we combine electronics and manpower in highly specialized aspects of our operations that include, installation of security systems, Burglar Alarms etc and Automotive Security System (a unique feature) and CC TV Monitoring Systems.

24hr Reaction Unit

Our Reaction Unit has become very familiar in our responding areas, with their helpful, professional and friendly demeanor providing our clients and all residents with a sense of security far surpassing anything seen in recent years.

Our Protection officers have been highly trained, attending rigorous protection courses ensuring their methods of beating existing security measures in place. With many years of experience in their respective fields they have built a reliable reputation for responding to emergencies, securing property and assisting the public in all manner of situations.

VIP Protection

These highly trained members of our company manage our VIP protection, Special Events and public Protection sectors.

Their distinctive presence in these sometimes volatile circumstances ensure that negative influences visualize and understand that should any contact be initiated from their side the responding action will be enormous and deadly. Thereby creating once again the Pro-Active role that we envision for our organization.

Tactical Support Unit (TSU)

  • Convoy Services
  • Personal Protection
  • Delegation Protection
  • Transportation of Assets

Guarding Services

Again these valuable members of our company undergo rigorous training schedules to enable them to adequately represent us on guarding sites.

Their calm and professional demeanor give credit to a section of employees qualified in all situations to be in control whatever the circumstances.

Their education and experience ensures a property is adequately protected with the choice of Reaction Unit Support should the need arise.

  • Office Park / Hospital guarding
  • Complex guarding
  • Shopping Centre guarding
  • CCTV surveillance


We recognize that different circumstances require different solutions. Our operations team has the experience and skill required to understand each unique situation and assess which tools would be best suited to solving the problem.

Our range of expertise extends into

Independent Security Risk Assessments,Intelligence Gathering, which includes Technical Surveillance, Covert Personal Surveillance, the supply of Undercover Agents and Close Protection (Body Guarding).

Summary of services been provided

  • Body Guard Duties for VVIP.
  • Security for protection & property without weapons.
  • Retail collection & Banking (Cash & Cheques).
  • Cash Processing & Management.
  • Pay Packeting & Disbursement.
  • Security cover using Electronic Devices.
  • Security checks using Metal Detectors.
  • Security Consultancy and Surveys.
  • Investigations into theft, robbery, pilferages etc...
  • Intel Services regarding internal & external threats and conspiracies.

Summary of services been provided cont.

  • Conducting fire Evaluations & fire Demonstration drills.
  • Assisting the Management in inquiries investigations, inspections and verification of stores & other valuables etc...
  • Assist the Management in controlling situations.
  • Ushering, manning of gates, and checking of tickets etc. at sports, musical event
  • Assisting Inmates during emergency (fire, robbery, burglary etc.)
  • Supplying and managing labor on contract to organizations.
  • Collection of debt on behalf of organizations.
  • Gathering of overt and covert information.
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